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The Benefits of Having Your Ducts Professionally Cleaned

Your duct system is responsible for delivering and removing air throughout your home or place of business. Over time, dust, debris, and even pests can get into your ducts.

Dirt from your ducts then gets distributed through your property along with the air flow. This can cause respiratory issues like colds and coughs and even affect the health of your pets.

When your ducts get dirty, act fast and contact us at Air-O-Dynamic Duct Cleaning in Walkerton, ON. We are highly experienced in complete duct systems cleaning.

Properly working ducts improve indoor air quality and may even reduce energy costs. Additionally, as soon as your duct system is cleaned, you’ll notice less dust on surfaces and appliances.

Clean Air Duct, Danger and the cause of pneumonia in office man.

Spotless Ducts Are Just 10 Steps Away

We methodically clean all components of your duct system. Our team uses a unique 10-step process to ensure dirt, dust, and mold-free ducts.

  1. We seal off every register to increase the negative pressure created by our vacuum.
  2. We open up the access hole to the main trunks of the ductwork in the basement.
  3. The vacuum gets hooked up to the duct system.
  4. We then go to every register and blast 190 psi air through the ducts to knock all the dirt down into the main trunk.
  5. Once all the dirt is contained in the main trunks, we begin with a whip to loosen all the dirt in the main trunks. The whip or ‘octopus’ acts like a scrub brush to loosen the dirt off all 4 sides of the trunk.
  6. After the dirt is loose, we use a spinner ball with 190 psi to blow all the dirt and direct it to our vacuum hose.
  7. All access holes are sealed up and made airtight again.
  8. All registers are unsealed again.
  9. We clean up in and around your furnace.
  10. We show you the finished results and make sure you are happy!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

According to the United States Fire Administration (USFA), 2,900 home clothes dryer fires occur each year. Dirty dryer vents are the leading cause of home dryer fires. Keep your loved ones and your property safe by having us clean your dryer vents.

New Construction Cleanup

We help homebuilders tidy up newly constructed homes before they put them on the market, or before the new owners move in.

Other Services

We clean:

  • HVAC systems
  • Furnace fans and motors
  • Air conditioner coils

Have your ducts cleaned today and enjoy better indoor air quality. Get more details on our services by calling us at 519-364-5627.